Boards & Committees

Village residents donate many hours of service to the Community through work done on Village Committees. Meetings are usually held once a month at Village Hall and are open to the public. For additional information about any of the following committees, contact the Village Clerk's Office at 632-4120.

Arts & Culture Committee

Beautification Committee

Environmental Council

Glen Park Joint Board

Historic Preservation Commission

Meeting House Committee

Open Government Committee

Parks Committee

Planning Board

Traffic & Safety Committee

Tree Board

Youth & Recreation Committee

Zoning Board of Appeals


There is nothing more important to a community than its volunteers. We welcome your participation in any of our committees. To be a volunteer requires that you are willing and able to become as familiar and conversant with the respective subject area so as to become a valuable resource to which the Village Trustees can turn to for guidance and advice. Our goal is to ensure that the volunteer committee groups are comprised of the wisest and most resourceful citizens of our Village. If you wish to volunteer for any of the following groups, please click here to fill out the Volunteer Application. You will be contacted once your form is reviewed. your paragraph here.

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