Update 12/23/15:

    The project has been completed. Additional funding may be pursued in the future to plug any existing sidewalk gaps. 

Stanton Street update – after 9/23/15 meeting on the street with residents

    Trustees Duquin and DeLano and members of Village staff met with residents on the north side of Stanton Street – where sidewalks were originally planned under the Safe Routes to Schools project – to discuss how and where the sidewalks would be installed.
    Trustee Duquin announced that nothing is going to happen this fall, but ultimately sidewalks are needed to complete the sidewalk grid as part of a walkable village. Not installing sidewalks is not an option, he said.
    There are 3 options, any of which will require additional grant funding:

  • Move forward with the original plan, which was criticized for placing sidewalks too close to the homes on the north side of Stanton Street.
  • Install sidewalks on the south side of Stanton Street, which would affect fewer people but would require additional time and expense because environmental studies have not been done for that side of the street.
  • Install the sidewalks on the north side but further south, between the trees and the street. This would require installation of curbs, which would increase the cost and would require the Village to pursue additional grant funding next year.

    Residents overwhelmingly supported the third option and said it was a good compromise between ensuring pedestrian safety and not disrupting the front of people’s homes with construction and pedestrian traffic that they deemed too close to their houses.
    The Village will pursue additional grant funding under a TAP (Transportation Alternatives Program) grant program next year and possibly other grant funding for curbing and stormwater drainage, which does not exist on the street. Green infrastructure grants are also possible. In the meantime, the grant money that was set aside for Stanton Street sidewalks must be used this year and instead will be used to replace cracked and heaved parts of the existing sidewalk in the Village. Any future sidewalks are contingent on the Village receiving another grant.

 **Update: Sept. 17: A letter has been mailed to all affected property owners on the north side of Stanton Street (as well as one house on Mill Street and one on North Ellicott Street). The letter invited the affected property owners to a meeting on Stanton Street at 5:30 p.m. on Wednesday, Sept. 23. 

**Update: May 15: Work will begin next week on Chalmers Street. Anyone with questions should read the FAQ flyer below or contact Village Hall at 632-4120. Please leave your name, telephone number/email and reason for calling. Thank you. 

**Update: May 14: Mayor Kulpa has ordered the contractor to stop work on the project until issues on Stanton Street are addressed by the contractor. No sidewalks will be poured until a final design is reached with the input of neighborhood residents.

The Safe Routes to School sidewalk project uses federal grant money to plug existing "gaps" in the village where no sidewalks exist. Set to begin in Spring 2015, the project will make it safer for children to walk to school and for pedestrians to travel through the village.

All locations are for new sidewalks where sidewalks do not currently exist.  The village will replace any trees that were removed with new trees.

Click here for a fact sheet of Frequently Asked Questions about the project.

Click here for a listing of all streets that will get new sidewalks. 


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